I Made a Tool to Predict the Next GameStop (and You Can Too)

  1. Lexikat.com’s custom sentiment tool. I have a subscription to the site because I make a lot of these, but there’s also a free tier that doesn’t require your details to sign up for.
  2. Some data. I just copied and pasted a few /r/wallstreetbets threads about GameStop into a Word document. If you want to use mine, it is here, but you can use data of your own and get results that are customised to that data.
  3. A script for scraping Reddit and applying the sentiment model you’re going to make. The one I used is here, but you can capture more data if you have a Reddit API key.




Doing research on public opinion.

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Ts’ang Chung-shu

Ts’ang Chung-shu

Doing research on public opinion.

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